Free Valuation

Fifteen-Years experience

Judge the accuracy of our appraisals for yourself

By getting a free appraisal of your property, we offer you the opportunity to evaluate the relevance of our work

1 - Whether you just need a new appraisal (following renovation, enlargement, heritage, donation or renegotiation of your loan)

2- Whether you want to sell (without any obligation (exclusivity) towards us)

Following the visit of your property, we will send you a free and confidential written report, identifying clearly and with total honesty its advantages and drawbacks thanks to our long-term expertise,

It comes without saying that this appraisal takes into account the local laws, natural risks and legal implementations (land surface calculation and construction potential)

We define the right price together

Since 2000, prices in real estate have increased steadily on the West side of the Annecy lake. The purchase (acquisition) of a piece of land, a property, an apartment or a house was at the time an excellent financial investment, apart from the basic purpose of accommodating you and your family.

However, since 2013, we have experienced a slight decrease in value in the real estate trade.

Our role,
which was important yesterday and has become crucial today, is to define the right price in order to avoid time consuming negotiations and discussions.

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