A unique way of communicating...

We Communicate in a Unique, Effective and Accurate Way

In order to promote your properties in the most appropriate way, we use a wide range of communication tools (medias/ means) :

Specialized brochures, catalogues. Internet web site broadcasting videos , the display of pictures in our agency

and 2 communicating tools at the heart of our business identity :  the business card and the business letter.


Our Web Site and Live Presentation Videos

Our pictures display

Your advertisement in large scale - 24 000 cars By Day

40 Square Metres of Picture Display

Our shop display differs from other real estates. They make you want to stop to have a look and then... please enter

We use 40 square meters
of advertising space on the three sides of our shop to display the pictures of the properties we sell.

Specialized brochures


We decided to work and with this regional brochure which is printed and distributed in the whole region.

We appreciate their flexibity and their knowledge of the local market

One reason for working with them is the printing quality of their paper, the good control over the distribution of their publications and the right selection of their distributors.

This specialized brochure has a great impact in creating curiosity and creating a dreams

Another advantage of this brochure is its broacasting in both medias, internet and on paper

As we are business partners, all the properties we offer are on display on their website.


Our Flyers

Publishing 30 000 units, they are distributed on the whole west side territory.
They are presenting 10 houses that we have in exclusive sale.

Printed with natural inks, the colours on our flyers are shiny and bright. They are also more respectful of Nature.

This environmental friendly solution seems normal to us as we are aware of the impact of our activity on an exceptional sight, the Annecy lake, one of the purest in the world.

Specific Media

Plain Postcards and Business Card

We are true lovers of the West side of Annecy lake. We want to make it accessible and enjoyable to the greatest number of people.

We are also really keen on taking pictures of the lake and its surroundings as we want to focus on the small details that make this place so beautiful.

From our two passions, came the idea to make local shops and entrepreneurs discover the beauties of the place and therefore develop our notoriety among them.

We used our best pictures to illustrate our business cards. It's a good way to be in accordance with the shops located on the West side of the lake distributing our cards in their welcoming points.

Some of them collect them to be in possession of the whole collection.

They also collect business letters which convey the image of our lake to various and far away places of the globe.

And therefore bring back the passion for writing.

Our Providers

UP Consulting

Marketing and Communication

Ronald Chanaux, director of Up Consulting has been in charge of our communication since the creation of our agency. As a specialist in Marketing services and industrial products, he came up with innovative ideas to improve our sales tecniques.

(Giant picture display, development and maintenance of our notoriety thanks to our business cards and letters) always within budget.


Le Taillefer Productions

Live Presentation Video

When he created his company in 2006 named Le Taillefer Yann Havis showed that he was ambitious.

Taillefer is also the name of the Mountain over his office in Lathuile.

To climb is at the core of his activity as he is specialized in shooting from the air.

He even managed to get a zeppelin into the cathedral in Reims to shoot the stained glass from the inside.

The images are so breathtaking that you should definitely visit his website : www.le-taillefer.com


Web Site

Simon Crochet (his name means hook in French) : he was predestined to work for Sequentiel whose logo is constituted of 2... hooks.

He also uses some hooks when he goes climbing as he is passionate about this sport.

By creating large advertisements on our website, balanced by with our physical point of sale

A monitoring tool has also been implemented to follow the sales and purchases of our clients. www.sequentiel.fr



We have often worked with him writing of our texts. We really like his unique journalist writing style.

He was the chief editor of Primmo, a newspaper dedicated to real estate professionals.

He also wrote 19 books which have been published. His only drawback is that he lives on the other side of the lake.

Every year, in December, he takes part in the organization of SPORTEXT, the Annecy Sport book fair. www.sportext.org

Annecy Publi Découp

Our Pictures Display

Pierre-Yves Steffan : When he bought his company in 2008, he renamed it Annecy Publi-Découp, and decided to apply a fundamental principal that he uses when he plays tennis (he has been seeded 15) which is : rapidity.

His extreme flexibility really suited us as we want to convey true reactivity to our clients when it comes to visual communication.

His company can also print giant advertisement on recycled paper and provides billboards, signs, stretched tarpaulin, stickers and sign posts. http://www.impression-banderoles-enseignes.com.