We participate in one third of all the real estate sales

We are part of the scenery ! From the studio flat to the luxury home.

We have gained much experience : La Compagnie Immobilière du Lac is one of the oldest agencies present in this prestigious area.

Clients trust us entirely: Each year, more than one third of owners on this side of the lake sell their properties through us.

More than 300 buyers are registered in our portfolio

Where do they come from ?

It is more than likely that we have already met your future buyers : our purchase portfolio is constantly up-dated.

We build new relationships with our buyers through various traditional methods , we communicate using our website,
using specalized press and through our agency.

Most of our new buyers are recommended by former clients who have found their ideal place to live previously.

Thanks to our long term experience and our solid reputation , we work closely with local professionals who willingly recommend us when in touch with potential buyers in the region.

Foreign buyers : we offer you great visibility, far beyond our regional boundaries.

We are connected to real estate networks regionally and internationally. Thanks to this, we have sold properties to Swiss, British and Dutch buyers. Other buyers, closer to us, come from the North of France, Paris or Lyon.

Free Valuations

Accurate Real estate appraisals.We know what the best price is.

Over the last 15 years, we daily scrutinize the West side of the Lake, with our professional observation.

We are professional experts because constant to our reputation we have gained great expertise in real estate in terms of effectiveness, reactivity and accurate appraisals.

We are professional experts in evaluating properties thanks to our great knowledge of the local market.

After we have visited your property, we send you a written, confidential report free of charge

1- Whether you simply need a new appraisal (following renovation, enlargment, heritage, donation or renegotiation of your loan)

2- Whether you want to sell (without any exclusive obligation towards us)

The Provided and Tools

An effective, understanding and unique communication.

How do you reach your target ?
An effective, understanding and unique communication. So that buyers are made aware of your property for sale , we use a wide range of communication tools (media/ means) :Specialized brochures, catalogues and leaflets web site broadcasting videos, the display of pictures in our agency and 2 unique communication tools at the core of our business identity : the business card and the business letter.

Professional Photography

High quality pictures

Displayed on a large scale

Full Frame capacity for a complete view of the property.

As buyers take a quick look of your advertisement, we use professional shooting techniques using a picture box with a large format sensor 24 X 36

Nikon lens

14-24 mm f/1:2.8

The lens we use is a Nikon 14/24 mm f/2.8 G ED

It enables us to shoot a full picture of your living room using the brightest light.

A wide display in our real estate agency

Located along the RD 508 road - 24 000 cars by day

40 square metres of billboards

Our shop display : They differ from the other real estates.

They make you want to stop and have a look and then... entice you to come in.

We use 40 square metres of advertising space on the three sides of our shop to display the pictures of the goods we sell.

On each side of our agency, a billboard, the size of a movie poster, is on display, to transform the houses, lands or apartments into unique stars making your dreams come true.

We only use large scale recycled paper (in order to reduce our carbon footprint) which gives us great flexibilty in the display of our properties.

We can change them as often as we want and this can be done very easily because we take the pictures ourselves.

Sold Property